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‘“Give,” Said The Little Stream(ing)’ — find Church as artist on Spotify, other services

Church of Jesus Christ is a new artist channel on music-streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Pandora


Church of Jesus Christ is a new artist account on Spotify and other music-streaming apps.

Scott Taylor

From Christian pop to instrumentals and from soundtracks to live-event selections, music produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now available in the popular music-streaming apps.

The Church is now featured as an official artist on streaming channels — look for Church of Jesus Christ on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music and Pandora.

The new streaming artist feature was announced on on Tuesday, July 26.

App users can find Church-produced and live-event recordings and create their own personal playlists. Initial albums being released include selections of hymns, the soundtrack from the first season of Book of Mormon Videos, and the “Praise! Live From the Studio” album featuring Latter-day Saint artists such as Nik Day, Jennifer Blosil and City of Enoch.

Subscribers to Church accounts on the streaming services get updates when new music is released or selections are added. They can add Church music to their current playlists or create their own playlists of Church music.

The links to subscribe to the Church of Jesus Christ artist channel are: 

“Music is a way to worship God and feel the Spirit,” said Gospel Media product manager Matthew Anderson. “We hope creating this artist not only provides members with a great source to boost their spirituality but also gives the Church new ways to reach individuals seeking to feel the love of Christ.” 

Besides the Church’s official artist account, two other streaming services artists provide music from the Church.

Strive To Be

Featuring music for youth, the Strive To Be artist account includes annual albums with additional singles. Much of the music from previous years was published under different artists’ names but is now included in the Church’s authorized account for youth.

The links to subscribe to Strive To Be:

The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

The account features music from the Tabernacle Choir, which has been heard by millions worldwide through radio, television, satellite and internet broadcasts, tours and recordings.

The links to subscribe to The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square:

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