The apostate Zoramites

The Zoramites were an apostate sect of Nephites in Antionum who followed Zoram. (Alma 30:59, 31:3.) This Zoram, however, is not to be confused with Laban's servant by that name. (1 Ne. 4:20.)

The apostate Zoram lived about 75 B.C. during the time of Alma the younger. Nothing is known of this Zoram's birth, death or personal history.The Zoramites were idol worshippers who believed that Christ would always be a spirit, and they denied He would come in the flesh.

They erected "a place for standing," called Rameumptom, in the center of their synagogues. Each worshiper mounted the stand, stretched out his hands toward heaven and repeated a prescribed incantation. (Alma 31:13-18.)

Upon hearing the gospel, many poor Zoramites were converted, but the majority rejected its truths. The converts were driven into the land of Jershon, while the unrepentant joined with the Lamanites.

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