Marriott named top executive by magazine

J. Willard Marriott Jr., 56, chief executive officer of the 210,000-employee Marriott Corp., and president of the Washington D.C. Stake, is featured this month as Chief Executive magazine's Chief Executive of the Year.

His success, according to the magazine, is due to "placing the employee and the customer at the center of his hotel and food service enterprise, and reinforcing their importance through his own example."In the article, top executives of other large corporations pay tribute to Marriott's business acumen and character.

Concluding the article is his response to the somewhat tongue-in-cheek question, "How difficult is it to serve both God and Mammon?"

"I'm active in the Mormon Church as president of our stake, which is like a diocese. Our stake has 3,500 members. I spend between 15 and 20 hours a week on Church affairs. It may seem like a conflict to others, but not to me. This business, my family, and the Church are my entire life. I love all three."

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