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United Kingdom/Ireland/Africa Area

Athlete tells 'another side'

LONDON, ENGLAND - At a recent missionary-oriented fireside in Hyde Park Chapel here, a professional football player drew a parallel between his Church membership and his career. Steve Young, a quarterback with the San Francisco '49ers, explained how easy it is to become worn down and to lose sight of the ultimate goal. "I have found I always need to have things in my heart that mean the world to me, like the gospel of Jesus chrust," he said. After the fireside, the athlete visited with members and their non-LDS guests. One of the missionaries in attendance said Young's talk gave those who "are not yet members an opportunity to see another side of Mormon life.'

Europe Area

Missionary work encourages

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - Two members of the Europe Area presidency met with members of the Copenhagen Denmark Stake and Iceland District here Aug. 29 for a daylong meeting on missionary work. The presidency has been visiting stakes throughout the Nordic countries to encourage increased missioanry efforts, and present guidelines on how to effectively share the gospel. Elder Carlos E. asay of the First Quorum of the Seventy and president of the area, and his second counselor, Elder J. R. Lasater, also of the first Quorum of the Seventy, encouraged those in attendance to change priorites in daily life so more emphasis could be placed on missionary work. According to Church member Jens Kristoffersen of copenhagen: "It seems the meeting has done something to the members here. There is a renewed spirit and enthusiasm toward missionary work."

Asia Area

Spritual food, then breakfast

SINGAPORE - With the early morning seminary and institute students on a tight schedule as they attend classes and rush to school, members have started providing breakfast for the students, said Pres. Robert W. Houghton of the Singapore Mission. Breakfast was provided last year by a member of the district presidency. This year, however, members of the five branches in this city are rotating the reponsibility. The students arise early enough to attend 5:30 a.m. seminary, and then eat breakfast about 6:30. The breakfast has boosted spirits considerably, he said.

Pacific Area

Leaders 'continue to minister'

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Positive results are reported from reactivation efforts in the Auckland New Zealand Henderson Stake. Stake Pres. David Murphy said priesthood leaders are following guidelines and examples shown in the Chruch video, "Continuing to Minister." In each ward in the stake, members have been called to visit and instruct five less-active families. "Our objective is to teach these people so they can become again active in the Church," said Pres. Murphy. "Home teachers are called to work closely with these families, and we are seeing some results." by the end of August, each ward had hosted an open house to which less-active members and non-LDS guests were invited. "The response has been very positive, and a number of those attending the open houses will receive lessons in their homes," said pres. Murphy.

South America North Area

Invitations precede gathering

LIMA, PERU - Some 12,000 invitations are being distributred in 10 Lima stakes in a reactivation effort prior to a regional conference, said Chruch leaders. Stake presidents were challenged in August by the area presidency to put forth a major effort to invite every member in their stakes to attend the special meeting. Another 800 invitations are being delivered by missionaries to investigators. The conference, with additional meetings and seminars, will be held in October.

Brazil Area

Rain forst branch reopened

BRASILIA, BRAZIL - The porto Vehlo Branch, established several years ago in this rain forst city but later discontinued, has been reopened recently after new families moved in. The branch now has seven Melchizedek Priesthood holders, said Pres. Paulo R. Grahl of the Brazil Brasila Mission. With the establishment of the Porto Vehlo branch in the capital of the Amazon River state of rondonia, all the amazon states now have branches. Also recently opened wias the Rio Branco Branch in the state of Acre. "This is a developing area for the Church," said Pres. Grahl. "The people are very fine there, and we expect to have great success."

South America South Area

Festival attracts friends

VICTORIA, CHILE - Investigators and friends of the Chruch recently took part in the third annual Potato Festival of the Victoria District of the Chile Osorno Mission. At the festival, the youths joined adult performers in presenting their talents. An LDS male choir sang, and an orchestra made up of non-members - friends of the Church - performed. All who attended were touched by the spirit of the performances, according to Chile public communications director Humberto Barrientos. Participating in the festival were the Curacautin, Lautaro Traiguen and Vicotria branches.

North America Central Area

Booth wins first place

DAVENPORT, IOWA - The Davenport iowa Stake Missioanry Booth won first prize in the non-commercial division at the 1988 Mississippi Valley fair in Davenport, Iowa, Aug. 2-7. The fair draws from many communities. The booth was constructed and prepared by Bud Roberts, second counselor in the stake mission presidency. The lettering was done by George Lynch, a convert to the Church of a year. forty-nine members and 12 full-time missionaries staffed the booth in shifts from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. they distributed Book of Mormon picture pamphlets, and countless fliers about Nauvoo and the musical, "City of Joseph." They sold 14 copies of the Book of Mormon. The video production, "Insights to Nauvoo," prepared by John P. Mathews, was played on a television set throughout the day and evening.

North America Northwest Area

LDS help 'paint the town'

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - When the City of Anchorage sponsored a "Paint the Town" project, the Alaska Anchorage Mission and local members form the the Anchorage area responded in large numbers. The recent projuct selected homes in the city needing a pint job. the owners were people who couldn't afford to do the work themselves. Missionareies and members painted 11 homes. "It was truley a wondeful opportunity to serve," wrote Elders John B. Greenlee and Creaig R. bond of the Anchorage mission. "Some strong missionary contacts were made. a local television station reported on the home that the missionaries painted, and interviewed one of the missionaries.

North America Southeast Area

Women conference uplifts

ATLANTA, GA. - For two days, Aug. 19-20, women of the Marietta Georgia East Stake were uplifted at a special women's conference here. The conference was held at Ogelthorpe University, where paticipants learned new ideas and gained insight into dealing with pressures. Seminars dealt with stress, singleness, child-parent relationships, self-esteem, marriage, faith and coping. the sisters also had time for swimming, tennis, walking and talking. Several displays featured crafts and "hands-on" progects. All activites and classes were aimed at fitting the theme of "Sisterhood and Serenity."

North America Southwest Area

Ward takes bus on temple trip

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - On Aug. 19-20, the Albuquerque 3rd Ward went on its first adult bus temple excursion to the Arizona Temple. Of the 33 who went, five received their own endowments, and four returned after an absence of many years. Bishop Joe R. Jimenez said, "All it took was for me to read President Ezra Taft Benson's challenge, wherein he promised that if we as a people would increase our temple attendance, then our level of activity withing our own wards would increase. I have already witnessed an increase in the level of activity inour ward. Many, many blessings have already come to our people because of their willingnes to make and keep serious commitments with their Heavenly Father."

Utah South Area

Firefighters enjoy stay

ALPINE, UTAH - Firefighters battling a blaze above the central Utah community of Alpine were treated so well by members they didn't want to leave, according to a U.S. Forest Service official. Members of the Alpine Utah Stake prepared three meals daily for crews fighting a 389-acre fire that started from an abandoned campfire. Forest Service personnel started fighting the fire Sept. 1 and took five days to put it out. During that time, wards in the stake took turns providing three meals each day for firefighters. Besides cooking hot breakfasts, packing lunches and providing supper, the stake opened its buildings so firefighters could shower and change clothes. Stake members said they appreciated the clothes. Stake members said they appreciated the efforts being made to save the local watershed and were happy to help out.

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