Winds propelled barges to destination

Andrew C. Skinner, a Church member and instructor of history at Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colo., wrote concerning the Jaredite's journey to the new world:

"Moroni's abridgment gives us some small idea of the truly miraculous and spectacular nature of the Jaredite adventure, wherein the eight barges were propelled toward their destination by a furious wind, created by the Lord, which did never cease to blow towards the promised land.' (Eth. 6:8.) While some may question the veracity of such a story, it should be remembered that God is Lord over all the elements of the earth. As He Himself told Moroni,At my command the heavens are opened and are shut; and at my word the earth shall shake.' (Eth. 4:9.)"Even those modern-day skeptics who most disbelieve maritime theories concerning the ancient peopling of the Americas admit that some early transoceanic voyages are probable, due to the oceanic currents and prevailing winds."

Skinner quoted one writer who documented that in the 18th century A.D.,about 20 Japanese crafts in the northern Pacific were caught in currents and carried against their will across the ocean to the West Coast of the Americas.

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