Young children are free from sin

While some churches teach baptism is not necessary and that salvation comes simply by professing a belief in Christ, some other churches expand the doctrine of baptism to include the baptism of infants and children who have not reached the age of accountability.

In his April 1981 general conference address, Elder LeGrand Richards of the Council of the Twelve said, "One of the . . . great truths that we learn through the Restoration is the fact that infants should not be baptized. The idea that young children need baptism is a mistake of men. That isn't to be found anywhere in the Lord's teachings, for Jesus took little children in His arms and blessed them."Elder Derek A. Cuthbert of the First Quorum of the Seventy devoted part of his October 1980 general conference address to telling of some ways in which his life had become more purposeful and happy since joining the Church.

After speaking on several topics, he said, "My family and family life became even more meaningful and precious to me as we commenced having wonderful family home evenings together . . . . We love our children, and we were glad to learn from the missionaries that although baptism is essential for the remission of sins, infant baptism is not necessary since `all children who die before . . . accountability are saved in the celestial kingdom.' (D&C 137:10.)

"We have known a number of parents who have been distressed at the death of a small child because of the un-Christian doctrine of infant baptism."

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