Ricks to compete in theater festival

A Ricks College production of an original script has earned the Church-sponsored school the honor of being one of the first junior colleges in the nation to compete in a Kennedy Center-sponsored theater arts program.

"It's a great honor to be invited to attend the American College Theatre Festival," explained Rodger Sorensen, director of "Holding Patterns," a script written by BYU graduate Reed McColm. "It's especially thrilling for us as a junior college. It's very unusual for a two-year college to take a production to the regional competition."The production, which was first staged at Ricks College in November 1988, was presented in Grand Junction, Colo., on Jan. 19 and competed against two other productions in the region. The region includes colleges and universities in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and parts of Nevada. There are 11 other regions in the nation, with three productions showcased in each regional competition.

"After all 12 regions are visited and adjudicated, four productions are chosen to go to Washington, D.C., and perform in the Kennedy Center," Sorensen explained.

"Throughout the year, program representatives adjudicate up to 700 shows on college campuses across the nation and select 36 shows for those initial competitions," Sorensen said.

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