Conference open houses

Conference open houses offer various Church departments an opportunity to meet, teach, and enthuse members about callings, responsibilities, and resources.

The open houses were basically organized to "give an overview of what is happening and let people see what is available," noted Ione Simpson, a Relief Society board member and one of the committee members for the open houses held at 76 N. Main."Those who visit the open houses hopefully come away inspired and enthused about what they've learned," she continued. "It gives them an opportunity to learn more and gives us an opportunity to meet them and enjoy them."

Video presentations, displays, lectures, manuals, and question-and-answer sessions were only a few of the resources available to people who attended the open houses.

"This year I came because of the new Personal Progress book," explained Jean Cole, a Young Women president in the Jordan 7th Ward, Salt Lake Jordan Stake. "I knew I'd get lots of ideas for the changes that have been made."

While Sister Cole enjoyed the Young Women display, a few yards away a foursome listened to a Relief Society hostess explain how to store wheat. Nearby, a couple was getting a computer evaluation of their food storage, and another group was watching a video presentation.

In addition to the Young Women and Relief Society open houses, the ground floor of the building at 76 N. Main housed displays and open houses for the Primary, Activities Committee, Melchizedek Priesthood/Military Relations, Members with Disabilities, and the Music Department. Information about Lambda Delta Sigma and Sigma Gamma Chi, the Church sorority and fraternity, was found one floor up.

One of the most popular open houses was in the Museum of Church History and Art, just west of Temple Square.

Another open house, located on the 24th floor of the Church Office Building, helped visitors learn more about the Church News and other Church publications. "We had displays on each publication, plus campaign kits for wards to conduct their own subscription campaigns," explained Kent Sorensen, marketing manager.

Other open houses were held on different floors of the Church Office Building. Visitors found out more about public communications (25th floor), Curriculum Department (24th floor), the Aaronic Priesthood (20th floor), Sunday School (14th floor), and Welfare Services (7th floor).

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