Shoes, turkeys, testimonies make up service project

Dicing cooked turkeys and pairing shoes were only parts of a service project for the homeless in which more than 100 young women and their leaders in the Joplin Missouri Stake participated.

The young women spent a recent Saturday morning dicing six turkeys, which were donated by a local farm, and making turkey soup at Soul's Harbor, a homeless center in southwestern Missouri. Approximately 150 people enjoyed the lunch. And there were leftovers for additional meals.Another project of the day included sorting through 3,000 individual shoes to come up with 1,500 pairs. A shoe manufacturer had donated the shoes, which had arrived "unpaired." Other sorting and organizing included going through piles of donated clothing and hanging various items on racks that had been provided.

Other groups of young women from the stake painted the interior of one of the two chapels at the center. The young women painted the walls, but left the ceiling to be painted by members of the bishoprics who had accompanied the group.

In addition, young women and leaders in each ward and branch in the stake had made a quilt in preparation for the project.

One of the high points of the day's activities came at the end of the project, when the group left Soul's Harbor and gathered in a meetinghouse in Joplin for a testimony meeting. "Many of the young women shared feelings of joy at the opportunity they had had to participate in the project," said one of their leaders. "Others expressed gratitude for their own blessings. And everyone was grateful for the chance to reach out and help someone in need."

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