Share according to savior's plan, under direction of holy spirit

"The first thing people should share with one another is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in the hope that there can be a common set of values, and service under a common Master. That would greatly facilitate sharing.

"Even if the party in need will not change its values, there may yet be need that must be addressed. Which brings us to the general rule laid down by the Savior: Sharing needs to be done under His instruction and in His way. That is why there is a gift of the Holy Ghost, for men are not wise enough to know how to do all things in righteousness. . . ."Clearly one does not need to be impoverished or poor to be a servant of Christ. But one must be willing to be poor. . . . The true followers of Jesus Christ know that the only riches worth counting are the riches of eternity. . . . Their faith commends only one thing as the first priority in a person's life: Seek first for a hope in Christ before doing anything else.

"The real problem is not with our riches, of course. The real problem is with our hearts. When our hearts are not pure, we cannot love with a pure love. We cannot love the Savior as we should, nor can we love our neighbor as we should. From this deficit of love, the Savior came to save us by extending the arms of mercy through repentance to each of us.

"My understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that no mortal is just and righteous enough of himself to go to the same kingdom as Jesus Christ unless he or she is remade in the image of Christ, heart and mind, body and soul. Without that pure heart, that charity, we are nothing (Moroni 7:44), and can do of ourselves no good thing (John 15:1-5). . . .

"Pride is perhaps the root of our evil, the source of our selfishness, the great barrier to our salvation. For it is the pride of our hearts from which we need to be saved more than from anything else. Once we are saved from that, then all good things can be added to us. Then we will see as we are seen, know as we are known, and will be familiar and free with our substance, treating all men as brothers. Then indeed we will have heaven on earth."

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