Disabilities quiz

Editor's note: How much do Church members know about disabilities? Here is a short test to check one's awareness of disabilities:

Multiple Choice1. How many members with disabilities are there in the average ward in the U.S. and Canada?

a. 5 b. 10 c. 25 d. 50

  1. What is the most common disability among children?

a. hearing impairments

b. visual impairments

c. learning disabilities

d. intellectual impairments

e. motor and orthopedic impairments

f. communication disorders

  1. Approximately how many members with disabilities do we have in the Church?

a. 900

b. 9,000

c. 90,000

d. 900,000

True or False

  1. People who are not fully accountable have no need to learn the gospel.
  1. A sensitive person avoids asking questions about a person's disability.
  1. Someone in a wheelchair may not participate in a Church-sponsored camping trip.
  1. It is necessary to have specialized training in order to teach someone with a disability in a Church class.

Answers to quiz on disabilities

  1. d. 5
  1. c. Learning disabilities
  1. d. More than 900,000
  1. False. All people, including those with intellectual impairments, need to understand as much as they can about following the teachings of Jesus and coping with the challenges of this life.
  1. False. A sensitive person asks sensitive questions rather than avoiding the subject.
  1. False. Some special accommodations may need to be made, but it is possible and desirable to include those in wheelchairs and those with other types of disabilities in Church activities.
  1. False. The most important tools are a love for the student and a desire to teach. Other resources include family members, special Church materials for the handicapped, and suggestions from the individual's school or place of employment.

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