Ten LDS women represent states in national mothers convention

Faith, family, personal development criteria for award

Five LDS women are being considered for the national Mother of the Year, and another five are their states' Young Mother representatives.

The 10 women are participating in the April 27-May 1 American Mothers, Inc., convention in Spokane, Wash. The national Mother of the Year and the national Young Mother Representative will be announced during the convention.The criteria by which the women were chosen as state representatives were their commitment as mothers, application of their faith in their homes, training of their children to be good citizens, personal development and community service.

Brief biographical information on each candidate is listed below.

The five LDS American Mother of the Year delegates are:

Beth Ann Bates Clawson, Michigan Mother of the Year; Royal Oak Ward, Bloomfield Hills Michigan Stake; married Clarence Fredrick Clawson Jr., on Aug. 20, 1956, in Salt Lake City; mother of two daughters and four sons.

Mary Reid Edwards, Nevada Mother of the Year; Boulder City 1st Ward, Henderson Nevada Stake; married Elbert Edwards on Sept. 24, 1932, in St. George, Utah; mother of four sons.

Kathryn Mary Palmer Pearl, New York Mother of the Year; Queens Ward, Plainview New York Stake; married Joseph Pearl on Sept. 29, 1958, in Washington D.C.; mother of two daughters and one son.

Joanne Todd McKenna, Utah Mother of the Year; Hyde Park 3rd Ward, Hyde Park Utah Stake; married Earl A. McKenna on Dec. 28, 1954, in Salt Lake City; mother of one daughter and seven sons.

Louise Cluff Tryon, Arizona Mother of the Year; Lehi 8th Ward, Mesa Arizona Lehi Stake; married Louis Tryon on May 26, 1949, in Mesa, Ariz.; mother of 11 daughters, three sons, and two foster daughters.

The LDS Young Mother representatives are:

Marie Barnard McLean, Michigan Young Mother representative; Bloomfield Hills 1st Ward, Bloomfield Hills Michigan Stake; married Thomas McLean on March 16, 1979, in Idaho Fall, Idaho; mother of one daughter and three sons.

Louise R. Shaw, Oregon Young Mother representative; Metzger Ward, Lake Oswego Stake; married Daren J. Shaw on June, 5, 1979, in Logan, Utah; mother of two daughters and two sons.

Vynette R. Treanor, Nevada Young Mother representative; Sparks 3rd Ward, Sparks Nevada Stake; married Tim D. Treanor on Dec. 21, 1982, in Provo, Utah; mother of two sons.

Christine Nelson Weaver, Arizona Young Mother representative; Glendale 6th Ward, Peoria Arizona Stake; married Gary L. Weaver on March 22, 1984, in Idaho Falls, Idaho; mother of two daughters and one son.

Diane Rich Weese, Utah Young Mother representative; River Heights 3rd Ward, Providence Utah Stake; married Mark C. Weese on July 10, 1981, in Logan, Utah; mother of one daughter and two sons.

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