Faithful saints in Far West

After Church members were expelled from Jackson County, Mo., in the fall of 1833, they settled in Clay County where, for three years, they enjoyed peace.

However, in July 1836, they were forced out of Clay County. They then settled in an almost unoccupied wilderness in the Shoal Creek region of Missouri, where they organized a county government of their own. They named their new location Caldwell County, and founded the city of Far West during the winter of 1836-37.The Prophet's party, en route to Far West from Kirtland in early 1838, was joined by Brigham Young at Dublin, Ind. About 120 miles from Far West, they were met by saints with supplies. On March 14, 1838, they were escorted into Far West.

"As soon as the Prophet arrived in Far West, he wrote the Saints at Kirtland and instructed them to dispose of their property and join him in Missouri," wrote Carter E. Grant in The Kingdom of God Restored. "He also expressed deep appreciation for the faithfulness of the Saints in Far West and for their expressions of love toward him."

It was in Far West that the name of the Church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - was used the first time. On April 26, 1838, the Lord revealed to the Prophet the proper name for His Church. (D&C 115:4.)


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Information compiled by Gerry Avant

Sources: History of the Church, volumes 2 and 3, by Joseph Smith; The Kingdom of God Restored, by Carter E. Grant; Doctrine and Covenants Commentary.

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