Utah Central Area: Early cabin is restored

A small log cabin with a dirt floor and board-and-slab roof has been relocated at the Pioneer Trail State Park's Old Deseret, a village of early buildings adjacent to the This Is the Place Monument. The restored cabin is one of two remaining from Salt Lake City's first settlement.

The other cabin has also been restored and is on exhibit between the Family History Library and the Museum of Church History and Art, across the street from Temple Square.The state park project was sponsored by the Friends of old Deseret, a pioneer heritage foundation.

The cabin once belonged to Levi and Rebecca Riter, who arrived in Salt Lake Valley Oct. 2, 1847. At dedicatory services of the cabin July 22, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve and his wife, Elise Rogers Wirthlin, a descendant of the Riter family, will be speakers.

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