Former students reunite for show

It had been at least two decades since most of the people involved in BYU's Education Week "Together Again, Part II" had performed together.

The 79 former BYU student performers, who came to Provo at their own expense, had two days to prepare and rehearse the production before playing for four nights in front of sell-out crowds. "And the show was a marvelous success," said director Janie Thompson. This is the second annual "reunion" show, according to Sister Thompson, who worked for years at BYU's program bureau and was instrumental in establishing the overseas programs that the university is so well-known for today. "Last year we featured students who had performed during the '50s and this year we used students who performed during the early 1960s," she explained.The school's first overseas tour was conducted in 1960, and groups have continued to travel abroad ever since.

Performers in the reunion show included the Y's Men, a band popular at the university in the '50s and '60s; Sandi and Sally, two students who spent years singing on the Lawrence Welk Show; and Rosanne Tueller Neilsen, first runner-up to Miss America in 1964.

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