Primary impact great in children's lives

Planting, nourishing seeds by leaders of 111-year-old organization

Primary leaders and teachers make a great impact on the lives of their young charges, Elder Marvin J. Ashton told past and present Primary leaders during the organization's 111th anniversary celebration.

During the Aug. 25 program, held at 76 North Main where the Primary offices are located, Elder Ashton spoke, illustrating his point by telling a story about his own 9-year-old grandson."My grandson and I were walking across the street toward Temple Square one morning when I pointed at the temple and asked him if he knew what that building was. He looked at me like, `You should know what that is!' But he answered me anyway.

" `That's the temple.'

"I asked him if he knew what they did in there and he said, `That's where I get married when I get old enough.'

"I then asked him who had told him that and he replied, `My Primary teacher.'

"I think we sometimes fail to recognize the impact of seeds that are early planted and nourished by Primary teachers and leadersT," Elder Ashton said.

In his remarks, Elder Ashton related the story of Christ, who in answer to the question, `Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?' called a child to Him.

" `Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven,' " Elder Ashton quoted. "These wonderful children are close to their Heavenly Father."

"Primary is a blessing to children to help them learn the gospel of Jesus Christ," said Primary Gen. Pres. Michaelene P. Grassli athe program.

"Music is a marvelous part of that process," she continued. The anniversary program centered around the new children's songbook, which was introduced in March of this year. Thirty children from five stakes in the Salt Lake area participated in the musical program.

Also during the program, past Primary presidencies and Primary board members were honored for their contributions to the growth of the Primary through the years.

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