Labor on earth with an eye single to the glory of God

Pledging loyalty and love to his fellow General Authorities and his untiring efforts in building up God's kingdom, Elder Marlin K. Jensen delivered his first conference message Saturday afternoon.

Elder Jensen, who was sustained last April to the First Quorum of the Seventy, centered his message on the necessity of performing earthly labors with "an eye single to the glory of God." (D&C 4:5.)The temptation to seek personal recognition and reward from service to others is always present, observed Elder Jensen. Its pattern was established in the pre-earth life when Satan offered to redeem all mankind "that one soul shall not be lost," but demanded, "give me thine honor." (Moses 4:1.)

"In contrast," said Elder Jensen, "the Savior showed us for all time that God's work is to be done with an attitude of thine, not mine when He said: `Father, thy will be done, and the glory be thine forever.' " (Moses 4:2.)

Elder Jensen said those who seek honor and gain for themselves in doing the Lord's work are guilty of what the scriptures call priestcrafts. (2 Ne. 26:29.)

"Latter-day Saints whose eyes are single to God's glory see life from a vastly different perspective than those whose attention is directed elsewhere," declared Elder Jensen.

"Such members, for instance, care little about receiving credit or recognition for their good deeds. They are more interested in feeding the Lord's sheep than in counting them. In fact, they frequently find their greatest happiness in serving anonymously, thereby leaving the beneficiaries of their kindness with no one to thank or praise, except the Lord."

He said there is something noble about the good works of those who act without restraint or compulsion and with no expectation of reward or recognition.

"Considerations of Church positions and title are also of little consequence to Latter-day Saints whose eyes are directed toward God's glory," explained Elder Jensen. "Their concern is focused on the opportunities for service that Church callings present, rather than on gaining personal notoriety."

Elder Jensen further said, "When our eyes are fixed on God's glory, we feel the majesty of His creations and the grand scope of His work on this earth. We feel humble to be participants in His latter-day kingdom."

He cautioned, "This kingdom will roll forward with or without us as individuals. Men and women who even momentarily take their eyes off God's glory and seek to exalt themselves, or who become entangled in the vain things of this world, will find that the kingdom quickly moves on without them."

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