Only sorrow and trouble are fruits of drug abuse

President Gordon B. Hinckley, first counselor in the First Presidency, Saturday evening issued a strong denunciation of illicit drug use.

Speaking at the priesthood session, President Hinckley also expressed love to newly released and emeritus General Authorities.Pertaining to drug abuse, President Hinckley referred to a battle launched by the president of the United States, with some $8 billion to be spent on police, prisons and other measures.

"Stiffer enforcement measures may be necessary," President Hinckley said. "But I believe that only when far greater numbers of people conclude within their hearts and minds that the fruits of drug taking are only sorrow and trouble, remorse and even death, then will things change to any significant degree."

President Hinckley declared that the use of illicit drugs is "an affront to God."

"Does anyone think that he can deliberately injure and impair his body without affronting its Creator?" he asked.

"If there be a young man anywhere who is listening tonight, who is tampering with these things, let him resolve forthwith and with the strongest determination of which he is capable that he will never touch them again."

To the released and emeritus General Authorities. President Hinckley said, "Without exception you have done a marvelous work."

President Hinckley pointed out that while those Brethren are being released from Church-wide service, they still have much to offer.

"They know the gospel. . . . They know how to teach it. They know how to live it. . . . They can still make tremendous contributions."

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