'Pure love of Christ is only thing that never fails us'

The Lord Jesus Christ is the exemplar in providing sustenance, declared Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Saturday after-noon.

Elder Holland thanked Church members for their sustaining vote when he was called to the First Quorum of the Seventy last April and then spoke of what it means to sustain another. It means, he elaborated, to give support, share strength, provide help, to "hold each other up under the weight of present circumstance . . . to bear one another's burdens under the heavy personal pressures of life."The Lord Jesus Christ is "the ultimate arm of strength" and the exemplar and ideal in the matter of providing sustenance, Elder Holland continued. At no time did the Savior demonstrate His unfailing devotion more clearly than during the final moments of His earthly life, hours when He might have wished that others would be sustaining Him.

Elder Holland recounted how the Savior sustained others during His final hours. At the Last Supper, for example, He washed His disciples' feet as their sustaining servant. "In transcendent humility He would continue to teach and to cleanse them," said Elder Holland. "He would to the final hour - and beyond - be their sustaining servant."

Although the Savior faced acute pain and heartfelt grief, He comforted them, saying, "Let not your heart be troubled" (John 13:27), and promised that their "sorrow shall be turned into joy." (John 16:22.)

Elder Holland described the Savior's agony in the garden, and with an emotion-choked voice, told of how the Savior looked down from His cross at His mother.

"To His beloved mother He is unable to make any caring gesture with His hands," said Elder Holland. "So He simply looks at her and says, Woman, behold thy son.' Then commending to John her future care and keeping, he declares,Behold thy mother.' (John 19:26-27.) He would be concerned for others - but especially for her - to the very end."

Elder Holland declared that life has its share of some fear and some failure. "But when such difficult moments come to us . . . there is one thing which will never, ever, fail us. One thing alone will stand the test of all time, of all tribulation, all trouble and all transgression. One thing only never faileth - and that is the pure love of Christ. . . .

"I testify that having loved us who are in the world, Christ loves us to the end. His pure love never fails us. Not now. Not ever."

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