Tribute given Pres. Benson for long life of service, love

As he conducted the Sunday afternoon session, President Gordon B. Hinckley paused to pay tribute to President Ezra Taft Benson.

President Hinckley noted that President Benson observed his 90th birthday last Aug. 4."His life has been rich, and wonderful and marvelous," said President Hinckley. "He would have me express in his behalf his deep love for each member of the Church throughout the world. He likewise extends that love to those who are not members of the Church, for he stands as the prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ, embracing in his life and in his authority all the love which the Lord would have His children receive."

To President Benson, President Hinckley said, "God bless you for your great leadership, for your dedicated service, for your example to us, and for your love of God expressed through service to His Son."

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