Couples meet twice by chance at center

Elder Roy and Sister Beatrice Papke of Salt Lake City were standing in line to enter the Missionary Training Center Sept. 20 to begin their second mission.

Just then, in walked Elder Albert K. and Sister Ardell Smellie, their friends who had coincidentally stood in the same MTC line two years ago when both couples were embarking on previous missions."It was just like Alma and the sons of Mosiah," said Elder Papke. "We hugged each other; it really made me happy."

"Last time," observed Elder Smellie, "we were first in line."

The couples were first acquainted when both were temple workers in the Idaho Falls Temple several years ago. The Papkes returned to Salt Lake City and decided to serve a mission. They were called on a proselyting mission to the England Coventry Mission. When they arrived at the training center, they were overjoyed to find their friends there in line, called as temple workers to the Santiago Chile Temple.

This time, the Papkes were arriving to begin serving in the Dallas Texas Temple and the Smellies were preparing to serve in the Atlanta Georgia Temple.

The couples have some similarities. Both sold or are selling homes to help pay for their missions. Both served on stake missions.

And they each agree on the importance of older couples serving missions.

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