Church policy changes

A new Church policy regarding financing construction of meetinghouses and paying for their operation was announced in April 1982.

According to the policy, costs for each Church unit were to be paid from Church general funds depending on tithing faithfulness of the members in the unit, among other conditions. A year later, in April 1983 general conference, modifications to the welfare system of the Church were announced.A letter from the First Presidency on Feb. 12, 1986, stated that all worthy members with unendowed spouses could, with the spouse's permission, receive temple blessings.

In November 1989 a change in financing Church units in the United States and Canada was announced. The First Presidency explained that, because of the faithfulness of members in paying tithing and other offerings, ward and stake operational funds would come from general Church funds. Beginning Jan. 1, 1990, members in the U.S. and Canada would no longer have stake and ward budget assessment.

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