New stake presidencies: Steven Dennis Kohlert

Three new stakes have been created in Guatemala, Tahiti, and Mexico.

Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy created a new stake in Guatemala. The Milagro Guatemala Stake, with a membership of 2,529, includes the Belen, San Francisco, Las Rosas, Milagro, and Guatemela 13th wards and the Quetzal, Esperanza, and Villaflor branches.Elder Douglas J. Martin of the Seventy officiated at the creation of the Paea Tahiti Stake. The stake consists of the Outumaoro, Punaruu, Paea, Mara'a, Papara, Mataeia, Taiarapu, Tautira, Hitiaa and Papenoo wards and has aO membership of 2,614.

A new stake was created in Mexico by Elder Robert E. Wells of the Seventy. The Villahermosa Mexico Las Gaviotas Stake has 2,568 members and includes the Gaviotas, Centro, Macuspana, Comalcalco, and Cardenas wards and the Frontera Branch.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 2ND STAKE: (April 15, 1990) President - Steven Dennis Kohlert, 50, senior vice president of health care company, succeeding Terrel H. Bell; former stake president's counselor, bishop and high priests group leader, married Nance Merrill. Counselors - Leonard Cahoon Romney, 50, assistant vice president of administration at the University of Utah, former high councilor, bishop's counselor, ward executive secretary and Scoutmaster, married Kathryn Cannon; Warren Gerald Tate, 46, real estate developer, manager, broker and consultant, former stake Young Men president's counselor, bishop's counselor, elders quorum president, Young Men president, deacons quorum adviser and Scoutmaster, married Suzanne Jeppson.

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