Couple is baptized by missionary son

When Robert Scott Ulch decided to serve a mission after he was baptized in 1988, his non-member parents were less than thrilled.

They did, however, consent, and even promised to feed the missionaries in their hometown in California while he was on his mission in Utah.After Elder Ulch left, members of the Clear Creek Ward, Quincy California Stake, fellowshipped his parents, who began to take the discussions.

On Father's Day of 1989, Elder Ulch phoned his parents, and told them his mission president had given him permission to see them as they drove back home after a visit in Georgia. "I also told them that if they were ready for baptism, I could perform the ordinance," Elder Ulch recalled. "It was a great feeling when they agreed."

On July 29, 1989, Clarence and Elonise Ulch were baptized by their son.

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