Elder Ashton: master feelings

Missionaries, as well as new mission presidents and their wives, need to know "that the process of schooling your feelings under all circumstances is one of the greatest challenges of your lives," said Elder Marvin J. Ashton of the Council of the Twelve.

Speaking June 19, Elder Ashton said mission leaders and missionaries should learn to control their feelings when hurt, misunderstood, ignored, belittled, wrongfully accused, disappointed, or unfairly treated. "We must learn to control ourselves no matter how right we are, or how cruel the lies or accusations."We cannot . . . teach by the Spirit without letting wisdom control."

He told of a young elder, Charles W. Penrose, unfairly accused by another missionary. Rather than becoming bitter, however, he wrote the hymn, "School Thy Feelings."

Elder Penrose later was called to the Council of the Twelve and served in the First Presidency. "God recognized him and honored him because he lived and trained himself in the path of righteousness, and schooled his feelings well," said Elder Ashton.

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