Islanders' trip to temple 'unforgettable'

A goal set nearly a year ago reached fruition this year when 18 first-generation Church members from the island of Cheju made an excursion to the Seoul Korea Temple.

A year ago, Pres. Mark A. Peterson of the Seoul Korea Temple visited Cheju, Korea's largest island. He and his wife spoke to the members about the importance of temple work. As a result of that visit, plans were made for the temple trip.Temple seminars were held, family history classes were organized, and the members began preparing their own family history information for submission so they could do the work for their ancestors on the trip. They also began saving money.

There are two branches on the island. Pres. Kim Bok-kyung, 70, a retired school teacher, leads the Cheju Branch. Assigned to work on the island 15 years ago, he lived without active Church involvement until eight years ago when missionaries were first sent here.

The Sogwip'o Branch was created three years ago and is led by Pres. Kim Pyong-chang, a convert of two years and a recent college graduate.

During two days at the temple, 259 proxy baptisms were performed and three of the group members received their own endowments.

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