Twister whips through Nauvoo

Trees uprooted and homes shaken, but no injuries, report local leaders

A twister spun through this historic Mormon city June 16, picking off trees and causing some damage but no injuries, reported local Church leaders.

"The roof blew off an old house where a missionary couple lives, but no other LDS property was damaged," said Pres. Walter H. Pierce Jr. of the Nauvoo Illinois Stake. "The damage was mostly caused by trees caving roofs in, and several cars were demolished."Nauvoo is the city from which the saints departed in the 1840s on their exodus to the Salt Lake valley. Several houses have been restored, and are of great historical significance.

After the tornado, which struck the town about 5 p.m., "just about everybody came to pitch in and help clean up," he said.

"Members of the Reorganized Church, LDS members and other volunteers with chain saws got real busy, and most of the roads were cleared by that evening," noted Pres. Pierce.

"It'll be a couple of weeks before it's all cleaned up, but the whole town was blessed by not having any more damage."

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