Subscription cost to increase; it's still only price of a stamp

Recent postage rate increases have made it necessary to raise the subscription price of the Church News from $12 to $13, effective Jan. 1, 1991.

That comes to just 25 cents each for 52 issues in a year - so for the cost of a postage stamp, you can still get 16 pages of news and features of the worldwide Church each week.However, reported Stephen G. Handy, marketing director for the Deseret News, which publishes the Church News, new subscriptions and renewals may be obtained at the old price of $12 if they reach the Church News/Church Magazines Circulation Department by Dec. 15, 1990.

So now is the time to subscribe or renew your subscription. One handy way is to use the accompanying coupon, and mail to Church News Customer Service, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110. With each subscription, a free gift - either a General Authorities chart or a map of Old Testament Stories - will be given.

Subscription forms may also be obtained from bulletin boards in most wards and branches, according to a spokesman of the Church

News/Church Magazines Department. Subscription forms may be mailed directly to Church News, Circulation Department, 50 E. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.

"Another way is for members to contact their ward or branch Church News/Church magazines representative to subscribe or renew their subscriptions," the spokesman added.

The Church News is a valuable resource in the homes of members.

Gary Pearson, bishop of the Jordan 1st Ward in the Salt Lake Jordan Stake, enjoys the Church News for its missionary articles, especially from Central America, where he served his mission.

"We (he and his wife) enjoy so much seeing the missionary efforts and what's happening to the Church worldwide, especially outside the United States," he said. The overall value of the Church News to members of the Church, he added, is "it tells them that the Church is continuing to grow and expand . . . that it is a worldwide brotherhood and sisterhood."

Bishop Pearson explained he and his wife also enjoy the "Mormon forum" section. "From time to time, we snip out comments and put them on our refrigerator. It helps remind us of areas we need to improve . . . and provides spiritual uplifts."

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