Couple's dauntless quest yields 40,000 names

Years of research leading to more than 40,000 family names is the legacy of Sabastian and Antonia De La Cruz.

They have devoted endless days of research, their emotions ranging from frustration to joy.Sister De La Cruz (Nena to her acquaintances) began her quest in 1947 in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. She undauntedly devoted 32 years without success in tracing her parental lines.

One day in 1979, Sister De La Cruz arrived early at the Church Genealogical Library (now called the Family History Library) as usual, only to find that her microfilms had been returned to the Granite Mountain Records Vault, east of Salt Lake Valley.

Not wanting to waste her time, she picked up a book containing records from Nuevo Leon. There, she found her mother's name but no link to the missing great-grandparents. She continued looking and found her uncle's name with the missing connection to the great-grandparents and the generations she had been seeking for 32 years.

She quickly repented of feeling upset in not having the microfilms available, and rejoiced in finding the link that would lead her to the more than 12,000 names on her maternal side - the family name of Moreno.

Sister De La Cruz' selfless nature is illustrated by the following incident. She was working at a microfilm viewer when a new group of researchers arrived at the library. Since there were not enough machines for all, Sister De La Cruz gave up her machine.

She walked to the stacks, picked up a book, and while thumbing through it, discovered that it contained the continuing line of her husband, resulting in some 25,000 names.

Until his death last July 23, Brother De La Cruz, his wife Nena, and their good friend, Angela Alba, waited for the 6:35 a.m. bus in Midvale to be at the doors of the library when it opened. They faithfully followed this routine two days each week and spent another four days at the Jordan River Temple working on their family file. Today Nena and Angela still wait for the 6:35 bus in Midvale.

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