'Prodigal son': Video version of parable to premiere over satellite

A touching new video that applies a timeless parable to a modern family will premiere over the Church's satellite network system.

The video will be telecast Sunday, Oct. 28, at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. MST, and will be shown in conjunction with a missionary open house in local stake centers."Special efforts should be made by Church members to accompany non-member friends and less-active members to this event," stated a letter to Church leaders from President Howard W. Hunter of the Council of the Twelve, who will introduce the video.

"The Prodigal Son," tells the story of an LDS family whose adult son falls into a destructive lifestyle. As this son repents and returns to the family, his older brother struggles to accept him back.

Filmed mostly in Utah, the dramatic half-hour story lives up to the high quality of previous direct gospel message videos, "Heavenly Father's Plan," "Together Forever," "What is Real," and "Labor of Love."

"It would be wonderful for all members to come," said a spokesman for the Missionary Department. "It is a wonderful film, very touching."

The spoksman said the video is geared to adults, young adults and perhaps teens. It will not be shown on television.

"There are many stories like it, in and out of the Church," he said. "It is not a true life event, but it depicts principles."

The message of this video focuses on the Savior, the purpose of life, and the family. A similar focus is found in missionary lessons and Church visitors centers.

A missionary open house following the satellite telecast will also center on these three subjects and the Book of Mormon, said the spokesman. Such free items as pamphlets on family relations, a lithograph picture of Christ and a brochure on the purpose of life will be available to non-members or less-active members, he said.

The video was co-written by Michael McLean, director, and Kurt Dahl, producer, of Bonneville Communications.

The message of the film, said Brother Dahl, is that all people, regardless of their stations in life, need the Savior.

As the forgiveness scene was being filmed, he and Brother McLean were emotionally and spiritually touched by the message. "We saw it in context; it was a powerful moment."

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