Scriptures depict events of last days of Jehoshaphat

Joel focuses on the great last battles against Jerusalem.

Several scriptures in the Bible refer to the places where the events associated with the second coming of the Savior will occur.In Joel 3:14, the prophet referred to Jehoshaphat as "the valley of decision." According to the scriptures, this will be the site of the conflict that is to begin at Armageddon and the place to which the Lord will gather all nations for judgment.

Most likely Jehoshaphat is located in the Kidron, a narrow valley between Jerusalem's eastern wall and the Mount of Olives. For centuries, the Jews have considered this of all places on earth the most suitable for burial, as it is taught that all bodies buried elsewhere must find their way to this valley at the last day.

In a prophecy concerning a great battle before the judgment of the Lord, Joel described the vast armies as being like locusts that would devour crops and cover the heavens with blackness because of their numbers. (Joel 2:2.) He used the simile of horses to symbolize war and chariots to depict the powerful army. (Joel 2:4-5.)


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Information compiled by Gerry Avant

Sources: April 1983 general conference report; The Voice of Israel's Prophets by Sidney B. Sperry

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