Primary children find 'it's a small world'

Primary children living in the "heart of Dixie" have many things in common with children living "down under" in Australia and those living in the southern tip of Africa, they found out recently.

Primary leaders in the Decatur Ward, Huntsville Alabama Stake, exchanged packets of information with two wards far across the world to help teach their Primary children that they belong to a worldwide Church.Contents of the packet included a city map and information about the ward. The packet also included a list of the children's names, information detailing their routine activities, and a list of many of their favorite foods, hobbies, songs, Church activities and other things.

The Primary presidency was delighted to receive responses from wards in Perth, Australia, and Cape Town, South Africa.

The packets contained the same type of information as the Decatur Ward sent out.

The Cape Town packet also included a cassette tape of their Primary children singing several local folk songs in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa, languages commonly used in Cape Town, South Africa.

"We were very excited to learn that even though we are miles apart, the children all over the world are very much alike," Primary president Dianna Smith said. "Many songs and scripture stories seem to be favorites among children everywhere. Our hearts were touched, and the world seems a little smaller and more friendly because of this exchange of information."

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