Readers may explore New Testament sites

Maps, which help open the mind to both imagination and reality, have been popular items for personal and classroom study. Through maps, individuals may explore the world without leaving home.

The Church News maps, featuring sites where stories of significance occurred in the life of Jesus, His apostles and early missionaries, enable individuals, families and classes to explore New Testament lands.The map of the Holy Land, published in the Jan. 5 issue of Church News, and the Jan. 12 map of Mediterranean areas where early apostles and missionaries preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, are being reprinted in two sizes on the front and back of tear-resistant paper. The larger size, measuring 22-by-35 inches, is suitable for use in the classroom; the smaller size, 13-by-21 inches, is ideal for individuals to take to Gospel Doctrine and other New Testament classes.

The smaller size will be given free with each new subscription to the Church News. Both sizes may also be purchased. Please use the adjoining coupon to order the maps.

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