'We've never met anyone like him'

From time to time, the Church News features homes teachers and visiting teachers who have gone the extra mile in their callings. Elaine Eddington, now a member of the Santa Clara 2nd Ward, Santa Clara California Stake, wrote to tell of a home teacher, Ron Cieslak of the San Jose 9th Ward, Saratoga California Stake, who helped her family.

A little over seven years ago, in 1984, my husband, Del W. Eddington, and I moved from Utah to California. I was expecting our fifth child and my husband had just begun a new job. Soon after we were welcomed into our new ward, the San Jose 9th Ward, we were visited by our new home teachers.The senior home teacher was Ron Cieslak, who became one of the most faithful home teachers we'd ever had. When he came to visit our family, he always had a message geared to our needs, and presented it so our young children could understand and learn. Ron really loved the children and was willing to spend time with them.

During one lesson, using the example of a little spider, he taught the children to avoid telling lies, which wind around and around them like a web - or like black thread that he provided in an ample supply as an object lesson.

Ron taught our sons to play baseball, tennis, badminton and other sports. My husband was the baseball coach, but Ron helped them with their throwing and catching. He also tended the children so we could go on a date or attend the temple. When he spent time with the children, he shared things he enjoyed, thus expanding their horizons. He taught them how to select the better things of life to see, read and do.

He remained a good friend even after we moved from the ward. Now we live about 15 miles away, but when a birthday comes or on special holidays, Ron, or one of Ron's cards, always arrives. He comes to the children's baptisms and blessings. At the baptism of each child, he gave him or her a small hymnbook to remember that special event.

As the children grew older, they found their home teaching friend could help them with their homework. Now, when they have a difficult problem in math or algebra, they call his answering machine. Ron, the accountant, calls back after work and helps them solve the problems.

We've had lots of home teachers, but we've never met anyone like Ron Cieslak. He has been a great example of charity, caring for others and magnifying his Church callings. We feel honored to have had Ron as a home teacher, and as a friend.

Ron, a bachelor who plans to be married in August, has done similar things for other families he has home taught. At his temple wedding, he will certainly have the best wishes of his home teaching families - and their children.

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