'Don't ever stop learning,' college graduates counseled

"Don't ever stop learning," Presiding Bishop Robert D. Hales told graduates of LDS Business College June 6.

Offering the commencement address during the college's 104th annual graduation at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square, Bishop Hales said that regardless of whether students continue their formal education or enter the work force, the key is to continue learning."Learning means growing mentally and spiritually in this mortal probation," he explained. "Learning from the challenges, opposition, and tragedies of life and enduring to the end are the purposes for which we came to live on this earth."

Bishop Hales pointed out some of the tests graduates may have to face in their lives, including being single and lonely, suffering abuse and divorce, coping with the inability to have children, and experiencing the death of a loved one.

He then offered suggestions to prepare for trials in life:

  • Learn to work hard toward goals, to pray for strength and guidance in daily decisions, and always acknowledge, "Thy will be done."
  • Study the scriptures and history, biographic literature and psychology for insight into how others have met challenges and endured to the end.
  • Select friends and an eternal companion from whom counsel can be sought and who will be uplifting.
  • Learn to be of service and help to others.
  • Learn that even in a perfect life the tests and trials will come.
  • Learn that when mistakes are made, regrets are not enough. "Feeling sorry is not enough unless your sorrow brings about a remorse of conscience and a change of heart resulting in true repentance," Bishop Hales noted.
  • Learn that true education is not only test scores, but also gaining wisdom through life's experience, listening to sound counsel, gaining an understanding, and caring for others less fortunate.
  • Learn to know yourself and to express gratitude for education and other blessings.

College Pres. Kenneth H. Beesley remarked during the ceremonies: "Each of you has made a beginning - an excellent beginning. It will be up to you to build on this great start. The race has just begun."

Pres. Beesley also presented the Distinguished Alumnus Award to Monte C. Nelson, a 1948 graduate of LDS Business College. Nelson is president of Personal Business Management, which operates more than 600 H & R Block franchises in the United States and Australia.

Nearly 160 graduates received 180 diplomas, including 156 associate degrees and 24 certificates.

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