Area presidency assignments

The First Presidency has announced the creation of two new areas and new assignments in area presidencies worldwide, effective Oct. 1, 1991. The new areas bring the total number of areas in the Church to 22. (Please see story on page 4.) The new Asia North Area is shown on the map in orange, and the new Europe Mediterranean Area in red. The realigned Asia Area is shown in green and the realigned Europe Area in purple. The Europe North Area, shown in yellow, consists of the former United Kingdom/Irreland Area with the addition of the Nordic countries.

Each area prresidency is shown. The president of each area is listed first.1. Utah North

Merlin K. Jensen

Malcom S. Jeppsen

Charles Didier

  1. Utah Central

Loren C. Dunn

Ben B. Banks

Lloyd P. George

  1. Utah South

L. Aldin Porter

Angel Abrea

George R. Hill

  1. North America Northwest

Hugh W. Pinnock

Yoshihiko Kikuchi

Robert E. Wells

  1. North American West

John H. Groberg

Jack H. Goaslind

Douglas H. Smith

  1. North America Central

H. Burke Peterson

Hartman Rector Jr.

Graham W. Doxey

  1. North America Northeast

F. Enzio Busche

Lynn A. Sorensen

Robert K. Dellenbach

  1. North America Southwest

Glen L. Rudd

W. Mack Lawrence

Cree-L Kofford

  1. North America Southeast

John R. Lasater

Alexander B. Morrison

Stephen D. Nadauld

  1. Mexico

F. Burton Howard

Horacio A. Tenorio

F. Melvin Hammond

  1. Central America

Ted E. Brewerton

Carlos Amado

Jorge A. Rojas

  1. South America North

William R. Bradford

Gene R. Cook

Julio E. Davila

  1. Brazil

Joe J. Christensen

Harold G. Hillam

Helvecio Martins

  1. South America South

Jacob de Jager

Lynn A. Mickelsen

Eduardo Ayala

  1. Europe North

Jeffrey R. Holland

Gerald E. Melchin

Kenneth Johnson

  1. Europe/Mediterranean

Spencer J. Condie

LeGrand R. Curtis

Joseph C. Muren

  1. Africa

Richard P. Lindsay

J Ballard Washburn

Earl C. Tingey

  1. Europe

Hans B. Ringger

Albert Choules Jr.

Dennis Neuenschwander

  1. Asia

Merlin R. Lybbert

Monte J. Brough

John K. Carmack

  1. Asia North

W. Eugene Hansen

Han, In Sang

Sam Shimabukuro

  1. Philippines/Micronesia

L. Lionel Kendrick

Vaughn J. Featherstone

Durrel A. Woolsey

  1. Pacific

Douglas J. Martin

Robert E. Sackley

Rulon G. Craven

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