New 'homefront' campaign expresses need for protecting the environment

The environment is the focus of the latest "Homefront" campaign, sponsored by the Church's Missionary Department and created by Bonneville Communications.

Two television spots, "Computer Lesson" and "Earth Perspective," and six 30-second and 60-second radio spots titled "Environment" are being distributed to more than 1,000 television stations and 1,000 radio stations in the United States and Canada. The campaign is designed to express the need for individual effort and concern in protecting the environment."The environment is of great concern to every individual and therefore to the family as well," said Gary Dixon, Bonneville creative vice president. " `Homefront' is a perfect vehicle for addressing important social concerns such as the environment."

Dixon noted that this campaign is the second "Homefront" to embrace a social issue. The first dealt with drugs and was issued in early 1991.

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