Abinadi's testimony: one of most significant doctrinal discourses

In his April 1989 general conference address, Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Council of the Twelve spoke of the far-reaching effects of an inspired testimony. He cited the example of the prophet Abinadi.

"The testimony he [Abinadi] bore as he called an apostate king, Noah, and his priests to repentance is one of the most significant doctrinal discourses in the Book of Mormon," Elder Wirthlin said. "The king and his priests, except one, rejected Abinadi's teachings and had him put to death. That one was Alma."Abinadi may have felt that he failed as a missionary because he had only one convert, so far as the record shows. However, that one convert, Alma, and his descendants were spiritual leaders among the Nephites and Lamanites for about 300 years.

"His son, Alma, became the first chief judge of the Nephite people and the high priest over the Church. Alma's other descendants who became prominent religious leaders include his grandson, Helaman; great-grandson, Helaman; great-great-grandson, Nephi; and great-great-great-grandson, Nephi, who was the chief disciple of the resurrected Jesus Christ. All of this resulted from Abinadi's lone convert." (See Mosiah, chapter 18.)

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