Communication with authorities

The following is an open letter from the First Presidency to the members of the Church:

"The General Authorities of the Church have a special commission to serve as witnesses of Jesus Christ and to watch over the Church. In their service at Church headquarters or in Area Presidencies throughout the world, requests for personal counseling, administrations to the sick, special priesthood blessings, answers to doctrinal questions, and requests to officiate in temple sealings create an almost insurmountable task."The Lord has provided bishoprics, branch presidencies and stake, mission or district presidencies to share the task of ministering to the members. They hold the Melchizedek Priesthood as do the General Authorities. They have love and concern for those they are called to serve and are entitled to the spirit of discernment and inspiration in ministering to them. They are best acquainted with the members and with their needs and concerns.

"Members should seek the counsel and assistance of their local authorities. If local leaders are unable to resolve a matter, they will seek the assistance of the General Authorities as the Lord has provided and directed through established channels."

Sincerely your brethren,

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