Ricks tightens probation, suspension policy

Ricks College has tightened its academic suspension and probation policies in an effort to encourage students to take better advantage of their time at the two-year, Church-owned school.

In the past, the college has been "very liberal" in giving students a number of chances to prove themselves academically at Ricks College, according to Jim Gee, assistant academic vice president for Support Services."There are so many students who want to come to Ricks College but there just isn't enough room," he said. "This firmer policy has been adopted so students will take full advantage of their time here."

The modified policy states:

  • A student will be suspended if his or her grade point average falls below 1.0 during the first semester.
  • Once a student is suspended, he or she cannot return to Ricks College for at least one year. After the student has completed 12 credits at another college with at least a 2.0 GPA, he or she may re-apply for admission to Ricks College. Returned missionaries who were suspended prior to their missions will not be required to complete the 12 credits before re-applying for admission.
  • Probation terms will stay the same, stating a student must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA to remain in school.
  • Students are required to make satisfactory progress, meaning a 2.0 GPA or above and are progressing toward graduation.
  • Those suspended for a second time will be suspended permanently and not allowed to return to Ricks College.
  • Students will be allowed to take a maximum of 80 credits during their time at Ricks College, except for students in programs that require more than 80 credits for graduation. Once students are admitted they need to be responsible for their time at Ricks College, Gee said. "We are encouraging them to quickly get through our programs so there will be room for other students. . . . We start asking them why they're still here if they have gone past 80 credits."

The new changes in the policy go into effect fall semester 1992. Students suspended during this semester will be under the old policy, he said.

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