Zeniff 's record is important part of Book of Mosiah

The record of Zeniff is an important segment of the Book of Mosiah. Chapters 9 and 10 of Mosiah were evidently taken verbatim from a record originally prepared by Zeniff, and were written in the first person.

Chapter 9 begins: "I, Zeniff . . . " and chapter 10 continues as a first-person account. Beginning with chapter 11, the account switches to the third person: "And now it came to pass that Zeniff. . . . "The record of Zeniff includes accounts of:

  • Zeniff and his people from the time they left Zarahemla until they were delivered out of the hands of the Lamanites. (Mosiah 9.)
  • Death of Laman, king of the Lamanites. (Mosiah 10.)
  • Zeniff conferring Nephite kingdom upon his son, Noah. (Mosiah 11.)
  • Abinadi's imprisonment, and preaching. (Mosiah 12.)
  • Alma's conversion. (Mosiah 13.)
  • Abinadi's teachings to people. (Mosiah 13-16.)
  • Abinadi's death by fire. (Mosiah 17.)
  • Alma's preaching, baptizing at the waters of Mormon; the organizing of the Church of Christ. (Mosiah 18.)
  • Gideon's plot to escape from King Noah; Lamanite invasion of Lehi-Nephi; Noah's death by fire; conferring of Noah's kingdom upon Limhi. (Mosiah 19.)
  • Noah's priests abducting Lamanite daughters; war waged by Lamanites; establishment of peace. (Mosiah 20.)
  • Limhi's people smitten, defeated by the Lamanites. (Mosiah 21.)

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