LDS welfare effort: 'An amazing program'

In the aftermath of California's recent floods, earthquakes and riots, the Church welfare program continues to garner interest from government officials throughout the state.

Grant Brimhall, city manager of Thousand Oaks, Calif., and a regional representative, joined Ira Reiner, Los Angeles County district attorney, and other government and Church officials in a tour May 8 of the Church's welfare square in the heart of Los Angeles."I am in awe at the example the Church welfare system is able to demonstrate to those who are in position to direct the future course of government programs," Elder Brimhall commented on the tour.

In response to the tour, Mr. Reiner said, "Yours is an amazing program. It is exactly the way programs of this kind should run - providing opportunity rather than handouts."

He also expressed delight in knowing that each of the Church leaders who accompanied him on the tour had spent time serving on cannery lines in the Los Angeles and other Church welfare facilities.

Guiding visitors through the facilities were John J. Horne, manager of the Los Angeles Deseret Industries, and Bruce Smith, area manager for the cannery.

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