Firesides for young adults to be telecast via satellite

A series of firesides for young adults will be telecast for the first time over the Church satellite system to local meetinghouses in the United States and Canada, announced the First Presidency.

Beginning Sept. 6, six firesides, originated by the Church Educational System and produced by the Audiovisual Department, will be telecast live from the Marriott Center at BYU and will feature General Authorities. All college-age members - single or married - are invited to attend the telecasts in their areas, as well as CES personnel who work with young adults."The opportunity for all single and married young adults of college age to hear the counsel and teachings of the Brethren will be a great blessing to them," explained a letter issued by the First Presidency to local leaders.

The telecasts, which run through June 1993 (please see list of dates on this page), are among several firesides being held at BYU each semester for members of the 19 student stakes. CES leaders will notify local Church leaders prior to a telecast to inform them who the General Authority speaker will be in time to make announcements to members.

Stake presidents will be in charge of firesides in their areas. A member of the stake presidency should preside. In stakes where more than one meetinghouse is equipped with a satellite downlink, members of ward bishoprics may preside at the other locations.

The firesides will be telecast at 7 p.m. MST or MDT, depending on the time of year. In time zones where this is too late or too early, stakes are instructed to record the addresses on videotape and show them at more suitable times as determined locally. In fact, all wards and stakes are encouraged to record the telecasts for later use.

Thomas E. Brown, manager of delivery systems for the Audiovisual Department, lauded the benefits of using the Church's satellite system to broadcast the firesides to between 2,500 and 3,000 locations throughout North America. "It's a way to have these excellent addresses by the Brethren made available to college-age young adults other than those attending BYU," he said.


  • Here are the dates of the young adult firesides planned for telecast over Church satellite system in United States and Canada:

Sept. 6; Nov. 1; Jan. 3, 1993; Feb. 7, 1993; March 7, 1993; and June 6, 1993.

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