President Bush appoints Church leader to national council on public service

L. Ralph Mecham, gospel doctrine teacher in the Potomac South Ward, Washington D.C. Stake and director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, has been appointed by President George Bush to the National Advisory Council on the Public Service.

Brother Mecham is a former stake president and regional representative and a member of the Church's Washington, D.C., Public Affairs Advisory Committee.The National Advisory Council on Public Service, an outgrowth of the 1989 report of the National Commission on the Public Service, was created by Congress to regularly assess the federal work force, to attract persons of the highest caliber to public service and to promote a better understanding of the work of the public servant. The council was also created to build student interest in careers in public service.

The 1989 report recommended that an independent advisory council be established to monitor the federal work force and to make recommendations for its improvement.

The council will make annual reports to the President and Congress.

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