Letter from a stranger

      Being the only member of my family belonging to the Church, I have always felt the privilege and responsibility of searching out my ancestors in order to do work for them in the temple of the Lord.

      My patriarchal blessing states that the Lord will assist me as I do my part, and so, along with my research, I have spent a great deal of time on my knees in prayer asking for His help.As a result, one day out of the blue I received a letter from a stranger in Launceston, England.

      I had not been able to get beyond my great-grandmother, Jenette Cudlipp Luney. I had sent a family group sheet of Jenette and her husband to my aunt in Canada, who gave a copy to her cousin who was corresponding with Jose Luney in Launceston.

      Jose had come into possession of the Cudlipp and Luney Bibles but did not know the connection between the two families. My family group sheet provided the answer.

      From the letter, I learned that my great-great-grandfather William Cudlipp had meticulously recorded the data on his parents and the parents of the wife from whom I am descended. He also had written in the births of his 21 children complete with the hour and date for each birth.

      With this information, I was privileged to have 28 names cleared for temple ordinances. Through future correspondence I was able to obtain a great deal of information on the Cudlipp family, which I included in a family history I was writing.

      I can testify that the Lord hears and answers the prayers of those who faithfully follow His commandments to seek out their kindred dead.

      Family history has been an important part of my life these last 25 years, and I am looking forward to meeting ancestors long gone to whom I feel close already.

      It has been a slow process, but since my baptism I have been able to have 757 names cleared for temple ordinances. In comparison to the achievements of others, this may not seem like a great number, but it has meant a lot to me.

      I give the Lord credit for all of my successes and have felt His hand in anything good I have been able to accomplish. I thank Him for this in my daily prayers. - Marion Mansfield, Antelope 2nd Ward, Sacramento California Antelope Stake

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