House of Lord a 'place of instruction'

      "I will speak about the kind of mystery President Harold B. Lee defined as `a truth which cannot be known except by revelation.' This kind of mystery is hidden from many . . . [andT is intimately related to the temple ceremonies. . . . The Melchizedek Priesthood gives us access to the mysteries of God in two ways. First, through this priesthood we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, by which we are taught the things of God. . . . Second, the higher ordinances of the temple are ordinances of the Melchizedek Priesthood. One of the purposes of building a temple is to present to the Lord a house in which He can reveal Himself and His mysteries to His faithful children." - Elder Dallin H. Oaks

"Several years ago my son and his wife had born to them a beautiful child, but she had severe health challenges. She stayed here on earth with us only four months. . . . I went to the hospital and held her hand and talked with her as only a grandfather could. I received the peaceful assurance that Sarah [the granddaughter] always would be ours and wouldn't be here longer. I felt she was saying to me, `It's all right, Grandpa.' I suggested to my son and his wife that we go to their home. We knelt in prayer. Because of the temple, and because my son and his wife had been sealed in the temple and Sarah was born under the covenant, we knew we could let her go and she would still be ours forever." - Elder M. Russell Ballard

      "It is a privilege to be in the temple, to be here with our families. . . . We have reasons to rejoice in our young ones. You who are small and young will be faithful leaders one day. . . . Be obedient, prepare for the priesthood, and one day to lead a new generation. Life is making decisions and I hope you will make the right ones. What my parents taught are still guidelines for me today. . . . We speak of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we talk about Christ so that our children will know from which source to look for goodness and forgiveness." - Elder Hans B. Ringger

      "I had to inform some parents [not members of the ChurchT of the passing away of their son. His mother cried, My son, my son!' His father walked about the room, trying to hold his feelings. We spoke a little bit about life and death. I told them it need not be the way it looked. [The father] said,I know how you believe, but I just cannot accept it.' This past week, this young man's mother passed away. She simply died of a broken heart. She simply could not live without her son. We are grateful in our family for the sealing power. Two of our sons are adopted, and the first thing we could possibly do after they had become legally ours was to take them to the temple. I am grateful for a God who makes covenants and who keeps those covenants, for the sealing power of the priesthood and the ordinances of the temple." - Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander

      "All we do in the gospel of Jesus Christ, all our actions have a focal point: the temple. Elder John A. Widtsoe talked about the importance that we understand the equality of man and woman. Both must answer the same questions when baptized, when they go to their bishop, when they go to the temple to receive their endowments, when they go to the temple to be sealed. And when they are sealed, they are equally yoked together." - Elder Robert K. Dellenbach

      "When we enter this holy house and we kneel across the altar, in a very special way the atonement of Jesus Christ is at the center of every marriage or sealing. That sacred token reminds us that the key to eternal happiness is the miracle of forgiveness. Our Heavenly Father forgives often, and He forgives gladly, but He doesn't forgive often gladly. He knows that we should be done with our sins. He will remember them no more." - Elder Spencer J. Condie

      "This is the House of the Lord, and it is a place of instruction. As you and I come here, we can learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we can find peace. I think there is a time we seek peace. As we walk through the door of the temple, we find immediately the peace that is here. It is good for each of us here to come back often to enjoy that peace and renew our covenants. This is a place of blessings for us and hundreds of thousands we have never met." - Elder LeGrand R. Curtis

      "The spirit of Elijah is felt by those who participate [in family history and temple workT. The majority of us are first-generation Latter-day Saints. We must be solid in laying a foundation of faith. Each member can be involved in missionary work for the dead. Try it, and you will discover you will like it." - Elder Joseph C. Muren

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