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      Africa Area

Paralyzed patients assisted

      MABOPANE, SOUTH AFRICA - For the past few months, missionaries have provided a weekly service project at the Ga Rankuwa Hospital in this township near Pretoria.

      Earlier this year, missionaries volunteered to provide emergency services at the hospital in the event of a general strike.

      Now, missionaries from the Mabopane District visit the hospital each week to help care for paralyzed patients, performing such tasks as washing them, cutting their hair, clipping their nails and feeding them. Missionaries also assist ambulance workers, said Sister Mary Mostert, Africa Area director of public affairs.

      Mexico North Area

      Early facility rededicated

      CIUDAD JUAREZ, MEXICO - One of the first meetinghouses built by the Church in Mexico was rededicated Oct. 25 by Elder John M. Madsen of the Seventy and a counselor in the Mexico North Area presidency. The building, now the meetinghouse for the Ciudad Juarez Mexico East Stake, was enlarged and refurbished. The meetinghouse originally housed a branch.

      The La Cazeta meetinghouse in Chihuahua was dedicated Feb. 8, 1948, by President David O. McKay, then a counselor in the First Presidency. "The building has enjoyed a rich history," Elder Madsen said, "with visitors including Presidents Joseph Fielding Smith, Harold B. Lee and Spencer W. Kimball, and many other General Authorities. Many young men and women left on missions from here."

      A large congregation attended the rededicatory services, with a stake choir performing. Local, long-time members recounted the history of the building.

      He said that following the building of the small chapel in 1948, the Church constructed meetinghouses throughout Mexico. The Mexico North Area now has some 60 stakes.

      "The Doctrine and Covenants says the Lamanites will blossom as a rose, and there is every evidence that this prophecy is being fulfilled today," Elder Madsen said.

      Brazil Area

      Ward visits orphans

      BAURU, BRAZIL - About 25 members of the Bauru 1st Ward, Marilia Brazil Stake, recently visited the Rafael Maurico School, which houses orphans with disabilities.

      Ward members performed a play, sang hymns, played with the children and distributed candy.

      `Everyone got involved with the children," said Bishop Ronald Batista Da Silva. "At the end there was a strong bond of friendship. They gave hope and joy to the children of that school."

      North America Central Area

      Public relations group formed

      KANSAS CITY, MO. - A new association of LDS professional public relations agents was created here Oct. 26. Known as the Association of LDS Public Relations Professionals, the group was created to provide its members with opportunities to enhance their professional capabilities in a gospel-oriented environment, said Tim T. Brosnahan, a member of the group. The organization also includes student members.

      Among the 16 charter members is Bruce L. Olsen, managing director of the Church's Public Affairs Department.

      North America Northwest Area

      Stakes brighten town

      SOLDOTNA, ALASKA - About 250 youth from the Soldotna and Wasilla Alaska stakes spent a day of their recent bi-stake youth conference here performing community service.

      According to Pres. Merrill Briggs of the Soldotna stake, the youth divided into three groups. The largest group, armed with trashbags, brooms, rags and paint brushes, cleaned a local hockey rink.

      A second group of youth cleaned a large retirement center in Soldotna and visited the center's residents, while a third group cleared trash around the town.

      Pres. Briggs said the service projects helped the youth learn "to get outside of themselves. They were involved with other people."

      North America Northeast Area

      Preparing missionaries

      PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The 1992 youth conference of the Providence Rhode Island Stake was a missionary training activity. All youth in the stake received a letter signed by Stake Pres. Stanford E. Demars, inviting them to participate.

      Mission assistants, chosen from a list of returned missionaries, were assigned a district of six youth companionships. Each district was called to one of eight missions to learn the Japanese, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Cambodian, Laotian and Portuguese languages and cultures.

      Classes such as "Why are we called Mormons?" and "Are Mormons Christians?" "Listening to and teaching with the Spirit," and "Financial planning for a mission" were presented. Outdoor activities were held, including those promoting teamwork.

      North America Southwest Area

      Temple class successful

      WICHITA FALLS, TEXAS - Activity in the Wichita Falls 1st Ward, Lawton Oklahoma Stake, received a boost recently following a temple preparation class. After completion of the class, four men received the Melchizedek Priesthood, five couples were sealed in the temple, and 12 children were sealed to their parents.

      Some 45 ward members accompanied the group to the Dallas Texas Temple, said Marlene Elison, one of the course instructors.

      "The spirit of fellowship, commitment and unity among the class members was quite inspirational," she said. "We had to set a temple date about two months from the last lesson. In order to buoy one another up while we waited, we met together often."

      At the temple, "It was indeed a joyful experience to look about the session and see all the beloved faces that were so familiar to us," she said.

      "This beautiful experience helped me to feel a little closer to understanding what the Lord's kingdom is really all about."

      North America Southeast Area

      Guyana leader hosted

      FORTE CREST, GUYANA - President Desmond Hoyte, Guyana's head of state, was a special guest at a luncheon hosted Sept. 15 by Elder Stephen D. Nadauld of the Seventy and a member of the North America Southeast Area presidency, and Pres. J. Richard Toolson of the Trinidad Tobago Mission.

      At the luncheon, the president was assured that Latter-day Saints support the government and abide by the laws of the land.

      North America West Area

      Merrie Miss make quilts

      CARMICHAEL, CALIF. - About 23 Merrie Miss girls of the Carmichael California Stake made 12 quilts for the local bishops' storehouse during their recent stake Merrie Miss activity day.

      During the day, the girls attended workshops with the Primary colors and symbols as themes. The "Yellow for Service" workshop instructed participants in quilt-tying and in doing worthwhile service. "Red is for Courage" was the theme for a workshop during which the booklet of Pres. Michaelene P. Grassli, Primary general president, "I Will Follow God's Plan for Me," was passed out. "Blue is for Purity" was the theme for a workshop that emphasized personal cleanliness, both body and spirit.

      A luncheon for the girls and their leaders followed the workshops.

      Utah South Area

      Descendants invited to campus

      PROVO, UTAH - Homecoming activities at BYU took on a different twist this year as descendants of Brigham Young participated in a variety of activities including a family home evening, a luncheon and reunion dinner. There are three living grandchildren of Brigham Young, and one, Richard Clayton, was able to attend the activities. Descendants were invited to campus as part of the BYU Founders Day celebration during homecoming.

      The descendants of Brigham Young also meet June 1 every year on Brigham Young's birthday. The granddaughters meet the first Saturday of June in the Lion House for lunch to celebrate his birthday.

      Philippines/Micronesia Area

      Members `care' takers

      DUMAGUETE, PHILIPPINES - Constructed in the 1980s mostly by volunteer labor, the Dumaguete District meetinghouse is now maintained entirely by members.

      Under the leadership of Pres. Elviro Gaso and Alfonso Enriquez of the Dumaguete 1st and 2nd branches, members keep the building sparkling clean, said Pres. Roberto Cazon of the Dumaguete District.

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