200,000 attend dedicatory sessions

A total of 201,655 members attended the 28 dedicatory sessions of the Bountiful Utah Temple, the largest number attending a temple dedication in the history of the Church.

The temple was dedicated Jan. 8-14, and opened for temple work at 6 a.m. Jan. 17. On that day, Temple Pres. Harold C. Yancey said a large crowd entered for the first session and almost immediately filled three endowment rooms. Some nine weddings were performed. `We've had a wonderful first day," he said.Although it was chilly for the first dedicatory session on Jan, 8, the weather during the week was unseasonably mild, with a January thaw melting snow the latter part of the week. Snow fell Sunday, Jan. 15, and on Jan. 17 a heavy storm dressed the entire area in white.

The Bountiful Temple District is made up of 28 stakes in southern Davis County, from Kaysville on the north to North Salt Lake on the south.

Of those participating in the dedication, 67,551 attended at the temple; 82,174 at the Salt Lake Tabernacle; 20,463, Bountiful Regional Center; 13,418, Ogden Tabernacle; 5,399, Brigham City Tabernacle; and 12,650 at the Logan Tabernacle. Sessions were carried to the Brigham City Tabernacle on the first and last days of the dedication. Two sessions a day were transmitted to the Logan Tabernacle in the evenings during the week, with three sessions on Saturday.

The dedication was a highlight described by one member in one word: "Wonderful." Others were equally touched by the experience. Day after day, session after session, members arrived at the temple dressed in their best clothing.

As soon as one session began, lines began forming for the next session and members waited patiently from one to two hours.

Among the families attending were the Ioakima Talo family of Clearfield, Utah, who are members of the Mapusaga (Samoan) Ward in the Salt Lake Hunter Stake. They came to the 10:30 a.m. session on Jan. 13. "It was very nice," said Brother Talo.

Several bishops in the Utah North Area, including some outside the temple district, were contacted by the Church News. The bishops issued from 35 to nearly 200 tickets to ward members.

Bishop Johnny E. Fry of the Oakridge 4th Ward, Farmington Utah Oakridge Stake, estimated that 92 percent of the temple recommend holders in his ward attended with their children. He also said the number of non-recommend holders in the ward dropped from 35 percent to 11 percent as the dedication time arrived. The ward prepared for the dedication for many months, and promoted it throughout the ward. "Spiritually, it was a quantum leap forward for our ward," said Bishop Fry. Bishop Stephen W. Knight of the West Bountiful (Utah) 4th Ward, said several members of his ward who had not been to the temple for some time had renewed their recommends for this occasion. "There was a lot of excitement," said Bishop Knight. "I sense that the ward members have renewed enthusiasm and dedication for temple work. We have really high hopes in that direction.

"There is also a lot of enthusiasm among the young people. The dedication has lived up to our expectations. We are delighted to have a temple this close and be able to look at it from our home. It will have an impact on our lives."

Bishop Randy A. Jackman of the Rose Park 4th Ward in Salt Lake City said about 100 members of his ward attended dedicatory sessions in the Bountiful Regional Center. "Everyone had a wonderful experience and it was very spiritual for them all. A lot of people are excited about temple work. This will definitely have a long-term impact on our ward."

Bishop Terry D. Carpenter of the Ogden (Utah) 48th Ward said about 35 members of his ward attended sessions in the Ogden Tabernacle. "For those who attended, it will leave an everlasting impression," he said.

Bishop Evan P. Guymon of the Grandview Ward, Ogden Utah Weber Heights Stake, estimated that 100 ward members attended a dedicatory session. "We attended the first session at the Ogden Tabernacle. It was just wonderful."

In Logan, Bishop Robert L. Jensen of the Logan 24th Ward, Logan Utah East Stake, said 110 members of his ward attended dedicatory sessions in the Logan Tabernacle. He noted that he'd used up all the tickets he was allotted and had to obtain more to meet the request.

"Every one I've talked to enjoyed it a great deal," he said. "I'm hoping this will increase temple activity."

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