This week in Church history

150 years ago

History of the Church 7:345, noted that the "following works were published" by the Church during the year 1844:

  • The Times and Seasons, published semi-monthly 23 times during the year, totaling 367 pages;
  • Nauvoo Neighbor, published weekly.

According to the account, both of the papers were published at Nauvoo, Ill., with John Taylor as editor. The Times and Seasons was devoted "principally to the publication of the faith and history of the Church." The Nauvoo Neighbor included the "principal items of news, general intelligence and advertisements."

  • Latter-day Saints Millennial Star, 16-page publication, published monthly in Liverpool, England, with Thomas Ward as editor.

Quote from the past

"We all need the inspiration of the Almighty to dictate us, whether we preach or listen, and not only in our public gatherings, but in all of our labors connected with the building up of the kingdom of God." - Elder Wilford Woodruff, in an address given Sept. 16, 1877, in the Tabernacle on Temple Square.

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