Living by the scriptures

"Cease to contend one with another; cease to speak evil one of another." - D&C 136:23.

I had quarreled with my daughter early that morning as we drove to seminary. It was over some relatively minor point on which we disagreed, but I felt I was in the right and was determined to make her see my point. As I pressed the issue, she became more upset with me and it became a matter of hot debate, and the calmness of the early morning was destroyed. On the way back home I found myself fuming. My mood was ugly as I reentered my home.

It is my custom to read scriptures each morning before going to work at a school for severely handicapped children. This practice has the effect of preparing me for the task of dealing with children of very special needs. Although on that particular morning my spirit was rebellious, I sat down on my bed and pulled out the scripture guide our stake Relief Society leaders had outlined for that year.

As I read verse after verse listed under the category heading of "Contention/

Cease from Anger," I felt the storm in my soul begin to calm and the tears begin to flow. By the time I reached this scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants, the balm of Gilead had brought peace to my troubled heart. I felt the presence of the Holy Ghost once more.

I determined from that morning on to better control my tongue. I keep this scripture close at hand and rely heavily on it for support and guidance. When storms brew, the message calms the threatening winds and billows of life and brings peace.

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